Trusting and letting go.

Everyone handles trust differntly. Past hurts becomes your current and sometimes lifetime insecurities. The relatiomships that are established and upon that point foward will be- ever changing and challenging. Its often a very scared , lonley feeling. I always, always feel as is I chasing something that once had, and will probably never have again. You are not living at that point. Just wading thru water, hoping you can get thru rough seas ahead.. but still and always alone, even if someone is there, still always alone. sadly that feeling never changes, but we change.. and to a scarier, harden person that I never would have imagined being. I was a loving, caring person… did more for others then for myself. I once was using the montra.. ” I would do for others to make them happy even if I wasnt. everyone happiness was more important then my own.” if my family and friends were happy then I was… their happiness was my happiness. Looking back now, that I cant get or ever hold that trust and true happeiness saddens me as to why I ever gave it away.

This is me. generalslc


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