14 Charming Things Girls Do That Guys Can’t Get Enough Of

These are all so cute and sexy and the same time !

Thought Catalog

via Frances Cabrom via Frances Cabrom

1. The way you curl your hair around your ear. It’s almost diabolical. Particularly when looking at a menu at a restaurant.

2. How you put on makeup. If he’s with you, he likes the way you look in and out of it, but there’s a certain enchantment in getting dressed up for some fancy evening event and watching you do a suite of things to your face that we don’t fully understand. (I thought an eyelash curler was something I once saw in a torture museum.)

3. The look on your face when you decide you look good and you’re ready to go. It’s another special occasion type of thing. It often includes a satisfied shrug of the shoulders and a smile in the corner of your mouth.

4. The furrow of your brow when you’re focused. Whether it’s work, a book, cooking, or planning a…

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~ by generalslc on March 27, 2015.

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