10 Reasons Why Overanalyzing Gives You The Upper Hand In Basically Everything

Love it !

Thought Catalog

Us overanalyzers have been given the short end of every stick and then proceeded to think about what the short end means, why is it a stick, why do they even call it that, and then collapsed onto a heap on the couch while clutching our brains and desperately wanting an “off” switch for them. Not anymore, friends! There are advantages to running our brains at full speed ahead in every direction possible.

1. We are great friends. If ever a friend needs advice on anything at all, we are there to analyze with them, think with them, and generally try to solve all their life’s problems. This is our moment to shine, to put our skills to some use for the greater good of humanity (finally)! If one of our friends is having love life issues –this is our moment!– because we will spend hours and hours (and hours!)…

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~ by generalslc on October 13, 2014.

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