Full Circle of relationships

The Cycle

The length of the relationship may correlate to the length of the hurt. I truly believe this. And there is some hurting even when the relationship ends before it really starts. Since there wasn’t as much time to get really close to the person, most of this hurt arises from the thoughts of what could’ve been and what went wrong. I lack the ability to remain emotionally detached from people Allot of people have that same problem, especially girls because most of us are carrying our heart on our sleeve. What hurts knows that you tried to put time and effort into something that wasn’t given a proper chance. What hurts is thinking that maybe, if there were more time, things would have been different. What hurts knows that it didn’t end badly, so why should it have even ended? What hurts is that no matter how long the person was in your life, they were a part of it, and now they’re not. However everything does happen for a reason.  For me, sometimes I spend too much time dwelling, analyzing, breaking down every interaction.  The reason it happens sometimes is not always clear. If you are lucky, your life experiences can make a full circle around your life, but now this time around it’s even better because you’ve learned from what our didn’t’ before.   With a little faith, good things can happen out of bad situations. Those are the ones that you never anticipated, never expected.  Like a bump into at a grocery store…  Ok, bad example. We ALL know that situation never happens. There is never a bump into someone at a grocery store and you end up finding a lifelong partner. Back to my point the friendships that are established when you least expect it and are truly the best.   Those interactions become your next month, next year, next 10 years of an endeavor of impressing each other, learning about each other. Then taking vacations, building lives together.  Having adult relationships with other adults that are enjoying their relationships. Before you know it, you actually did fall in love.  It COULD be possible. Right ?.   

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Beginner Blogger, MS patient. Previous experience, Bank Manager 19 Yrs. Certified Make Up Artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Lover of all things positive and good ! Learning a lot about myself, about health, money, relationships, friends and more and I want to share my experiences with my readers.

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