Guide for Cheating Guys (a must read)

 If you’re going to cheat for whatever reason here is some advice. Cheating meaning, more than a 3 day text conversation.  I’ve been the cheater and the cheatess.   Few tidbits when and if you get caught. Sorry to bust your bubble guys,  but you most likely will.   

Own up to it.  Don’t deny it ever happened. Don’t deny the existence of girl that you cheated on with.  Don’t deny ever meeting her or knowing her. This pisses of any girl to the utmost degree.  First, girls don’t like to be denied. Secondly, be denied by a guy that you’ve been seeing or liking for a few weeks now.   This infuriates girls. To act as if we never existed are fucking kidding?  The cheatess (aka your fling) at this point is so pissed she wants to find your current GF (the one you said never had) just to prove that you did exist as a girl that was sucking, licking, kissing.. all the above to her man..  So moving forward now, your cheatess likely now knows that you HAD or still does have a girlfriend.   

Don’t attempt to go into a lie WITH the girl that you are cheating with (your cheatess)  (bad decision and it will backfire) to ask her to lie for you by asking you to deny your fling or change the scenario of how the two of you came to be and promising her that it will be better for the two of down the road.   Or by  saying ‘Hey, I really do like you — but current GF thing is now problem with us.   — This will at some point piss off the cheatess. right now she may still like you and is considering going along with you with the lie to the current GF, why,  because you are probably doing the same smooth talking you did to get you– so she’s possibly thinking that maybe you really did want to cut it off from current GF or has already and she’s just lingering   or, he want to use you as the excuse for saying– to the GF that he likes someone else.   That scenario is possible, but most likely it will not happen that way, especially if the guy has been in a long term relationship, he’s going to go back to his original girlfriend. I’ll say it again, he’s going back to his girlfriend.

Once you’re in the heat of things meaning, you are getting limitless texts, emails and calls, your current GF now knows who the girl is that you cheated on her with. C’mon with all the social media these days and the way that girls can be excellent detectives, your GF WILL find out who she is.  Gf will contact, email, text, and call whatever she can to confirm the cheating story and get as much information as she can.   Now guys probably at this point the cheatess has already stopped talking to you — all your smooth talking ways are done. So guys don’t allow your current GF to continually harass the cheatess. C’mon don’t be a pussy and allow your GF to do this. Your GF is probably telling the cheatess that you have already fessed up to your infidelities by telling his GF that you really didn’t mean much at all to him to begin with. You were nothing..  This obviously is an attempt of things you might have had to said to GF to smooth things over with her. But also, your GF will tell your cheatess this also to make herself feel better.     Yes, all of this will piss the cheatess girl off. So if this is the option you’re choosing to take, be prepared for the cheatess chick, to say to everyone that knows her and knows you that you were this perfect, dreamy guy and now you’re just an asshole. And a CHEATER.  Just so you know you will be the topic of conversations with her girlfriends for weeks and weeks. (which I’m sure you really dont care.)

Next scenario to be prepared for. After numerous attempts of your GF to contact your fling, your cheatess and she will. Believe me she will. This is where possibly the girl bonding takes place.  Your cheatess is pissed at you for lying to her and your GF is pissed at you for being lied to, your  cheatess may start to feel sorry for your GF.  Yup  I just said that… because more then likely your cheatess has been cheated on herself at one point. but be prepared — for a friendly conversation to begin —  your cheatess now thinks you’re a complete piece of shit asshole so she may start giving all the goods about this fling you had with her.  how it started, when, dates, places… and this will be discussed between your GF and your cheatess.  So guys… watch the things you say early on after you’ve been caught, because your GF will have a memory like no other and will remember every detail you spoke to her about when you’re eventually made your confession.    so now your GF has it all, or most of it. They may likely become friends because of their mutual feelings of you being such an asshole,    But the cheatess has got to know by now that you have weaseled your sneaky way back with the GF.  So the cheatess now has nothing. Not even you’re cheating ass.  Yes, we are bitter.

Next point guys, don’t say bad things about the cheatess girl— why?  she didn’t do anything wrong and most likely thought you were single this entire time.  so why be pissed at her?? you obviously had some interest in her which created your ass to cheat  on your current GF for this chick — you did it for whatever reason, sex, attention, the mental games, some mental game playing,  whatever. Now again, I’m referring to a cheat that lasted more than a week. But once again your cheatess didn’t do anything wrong, she was just digging you. I’m sure over the weeks that this infidelity and the sex took place you exchanged texts, spit and bodily fluids. So you were into her, or gave her impressions that you were into her.  That sentence alone makes you a complete piece of shit.   The cheatess possibly thought a real relationship could begin and may have thought that already, depending on how long you were able to get keep your cheating ass going. Again, balancing both. Believe me assholes that is no accomplishment, no high fives. .  So don’t even think it.  The thought that you would manipulate another girl’s thoughts and feelings for your ego, or self centeredness, just so you could, makes me sick to my stomach.  WHILE ALL ALONG YOU HAD A GIRFRIEND.

In closing and I hope you cheaters read up to this point and I didn’t offend your guy sensibilities…   JUST BE HONEST.  you thought of having or did have a breaking point in your current relationship and you found a girl that you liked and spent some time with – but that fling is now over.  You will tell her you really want her end of story — GF will be pissed at you for awhile, you will likely have to jerk off for a week or so, but you’ll get back in her good graces and all will be well.  aka the cheat never happen. So cheaters,  these things discussed will either help you for your next cheat (once a cheat always a cheat or) –or  this will scare the shit out of you of what could happen  if you did, therefore you will never cheat. Again.   Whatever the reasons-take heed to my list of things of what not to do. As they are coming from a former cheatess …   and a somewhat still  a bitter one.  ASSHOLES. 


~ by generalslc on January 7, 2014.

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