In my cave

You may feel pathetic or pitiful. Yup. You feel that you’re obviously an unlovable loser. Yup. But you’re not. You’re just unlucky. Extremely unlucky. Don’t be embarrassed because you put your heart out there and someone else said, “No thanks.” Or maybe not even a “no thank you” perhaps just a ‘fuck off”. They say I should be proud that I was willing to love. There are far too many people in this world who will never be as brave as you were. And those people have almost zero chance of ever knowing love because they’re not trying and failing. You may have failed this time, but anyone who’s ever wanted anything in this world most likely had their share of disappointments and setbacks. So be proud you risked your heart. And get ready to do it again… that’s the only way you’ll find real and lasting love. Don’t shut your heart off from the world with the hopes that it never gets broken again. Yes, that’s what we are would like to do. Crawl in a cave. Separate myself from the everyday world. No interactions means no feeling to get hurt, no heart to break. Nothing, and I mean nothing can offend my delicate heart right now. They say love is worth a little pain along the way, I beg to differ right now. Maybe things will change in a few days, weeks, months. But for right now, I’d rather be pain free in my cave


~ by generalslc on January 5, 2014.

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