The Art Of The Breakup Date

Well said.

Thought Catalog

Before I went out on a coffee date with the guy I’ve been seeing this afternoon, I told my parents I was going on a break-up date and would be home in a couple hours. They stared at me, with heads cocked to the left, perplexed.

“What the hell is a break-up date?” my father asked.

You see, Dad, a break-up date is self-explanatory. It’s s a date. Where you break up.

Why even have a date, you ask? It’s fairly simple. When you have respect for a person, there are certain conversations you shouldn’t broach via text message. The concept that this is inappropriate is totally foreign to many people in my generation. My beloved millennials…wealthy with media to communicate betwixt one another but piss poor in terms of communication skills.

When it comes to ending a relationship via text message, it can happen one of two ways. First…

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~ by generalslc on November 28, 2013.

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