The Crazy Ones

Yes I’m going to say it.  In general guys like, will forever be drawn to, turned on by the crazy ones. The crazy girls in middle school you I would claim to hate to you to all the pretentious girls only because we really,  really liked you and thought your were sooo dreamy.  I think that’s the time period that I started writing obnoxious things next to everyone’s picture in the yearbook.  “he’s cute.  She’s snobby. Anyway moving forward after I quickly look back to all my tumultuous relationships .. the crazy  jealous ones…  The crazy girls are the ones that make you even now, maybe a little warm in your jeans. The ones that you wish you could get anytime back  then and now.  But remember you are married to your housewife. How’s that making out for ya?  The crazy girls are the ones leaving the most of raunchy text messages to you… ones that you might be appalled if your current girlfriend or wife sent,.  But you secretly want to go an get off the very thought of my (the crazy girls) raunchiness.    Perhaps I say so these words so freely because I recall at some point being the raunchy one, always trying to entice that one guy that you know you couldn’t get, like the one with a girlfriend…. your best friends boyfriend. That’s a making of a ‘crazy girl’ So here I sit, enticing the free ones that are within my age group. The ones that are just mental play things to them. Play things for me. Mental game playing.  That’s the crazy ones.. Perhaps its just my type of girl(me) that is ‘the crazy one’ ? having a failed engagement that was pretty life changing, I still find myself single.  But I was the step mom, that was always so fun aside from mom.  the chic without kids, always thinking of the ‘fun stuff’ to do on the weekends we got his kids.. The chic that would suggest heading to the beach on an whim, to watch fireworks rather then your brothers backyard like every year. The chic that would always take you out of the norm on a regular basis in and out of the bed. She (me) was nothing like your ex. I was the fresh, clean, awesome smelling water that you couldn’t drink enough of. Blow jobs in your relatives bathroom during your cousins party just  for the fun of it.   The crazy ones always spark in the bedroom.  And no, its not because were the next living adult you’ve cuddled with since your ex,  but because we made you feel crazy. Just like us.  A little crazy rubbed off on you… making you feel the touch. That touch that excites you. Makes you warm in the pants. The one that you cannot wait to get to right now….



~ by generalslc on November 19, 2013.

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