21 Things That Make You Better Than Other Women

Interesting.. all they had to do was ask !

Thought Catalog

1. Not twerking or shaking your ass in the club, because you have intellectual prowess and therefore no need for such base demonstrations of sexual value. Come on, you’re not a stripper.

2. Actively looking down on women who do twerk or shake their ass in any capacity, because that means that they have nothing else to offer the world.

3. Not having time for such frivolities as skin care, or hair products — you are too busy reading books, thinking important thoughts, and looking pensively out your living room window.

4. Drinking tea, as everyone knows that coffee is the nectar of dead-behind-the-eyes extroverts, and tea is the balm of the misunderstood soul.

5. When it comes to going out, drinking whiskey. You have no time for the banality of a “vokka cran” or any of those fruity drinks that mask the alcohol taste for the weaker palates of…

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~ by generalslc on November 13, 2013.

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