I dwell alone.

As of late I acquired a little apartment/condo,  whatever you want to call.  I am now 2 months in to my new place and feeling good about it.  So I’m here in my own spot with all my previous furnishings from past owned houses. I’ve got pretty much everything I need. Now that I’m on my own, naturally money is a little tight. S0 here I am eating take out every night when I can afford it. Or I shop at moms house for groceries and sometimes invite myself to dinner. My frig consists of leftover pizza, leftover chicken fingers that need to be thrown out a bottle of soda, pitcher of ice tea and bottled water, bottle of wine, several different types of beers, but only one or two of each brand. The frig door gets opened primarily for the cold beverages. Or my friends perusing through the kitchen to complain that I never have anything to eat. I have yet after 2 months, visited a grocery store or to cook a meal in my new place. Weird huh? I have never lived in an apartment setting before certainly not like this one, where several other people have dwelled before me. I’m get skeeved by personal contact with the bathroom, the kitchen, even the carpet skeeves me. The things that other people, probably many other people have used before me. I refuse, and I mean adamantly+ refuse to walk in bare feet around my own apartment. Even though this place has been cleaned numerous times by myself and my good friend of 25 years. ( she’s a clean, neat OCD freak). So I don’t food shop, so I don’t cook in my kitchen. Sloppy joes, hamburger helper and the occasional bowl of pasta with spaghetti sauce is not considered and meal for me. Even though I would defend the fact they are considered ‘meals’ at the time that I am scarfing` them down and the fact they feel like a ‘meal’ because to me, they carry the same clean up. ( one pan, a bowl and spoon) This owning your place is making getting hungry. Certainly I cannot be the only single person that is ordering out. Out is probably where I should be.


~ by generalslc on November 6, 2013.

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