An Open Letter To The Catty Girls

Unbelievably soo much like me.

Thought Catalog

Dear Catty Girls, I heard everything you said. I ignored you as you whispered about my clothes wondering why he was talking to me. You cut down how I looked and the way the tank top fell on my bones. I didn’t mind what you were saying, I know you know I could hear. I hope it made you feel better, that it filled the holes eating away inside you.

Dear Catty Girls. I wonder what you think when you see yourself in the mirror while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning. I hope it’s all positive because the kinder your thoughts the lighter you will be. If you decide to put on make up, I hope that it is only for you. That you realize the amount of eyeliner you put on is not directly related to how much you are worth. No foundation can cover how you…

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~ by generalslc on October 17, 2013.

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