Lessons in Life

Recently so many things have to come to pass. Good and bad. I am so grateful for the good, and I want to learn the lessons from the bad, Now, yes I realize that is a 2 fold statement. The previous bad I can recall  almost every moment. What happened, how it happened and the why.. I think. Some of that is still unclear. Maybe some of the past I should not be remembering.   For some unknown reasons so much is seeming clearer to me now.  I feel like I have so much more under control from my past mistakes. Is this why I am learning more ? God, being in touch more, saying prayers at night and having faith I am sure has contributed to this overwhelming change in my life events.   Ever so grateful.   In a to-be-continued future follow ups I hope to recall each and everyone of the reasons why lessons in life are so precious.  I have so much to let out.  God will let that happen as they come.  The difference is that I am open, aware and willing to let God and my lessons from previous situations lead the way.  


~ by generalslc on August 27, 2013.

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