5 Unattractive Things Love Makes You Do

Thought Catalog

1. Refuse to take “No” for an answer.

It’s just so impossible to accept, even if all the signs are clearly there. You really, really, uncomfortably like someone (the kind of “like” where you feel like you’re suddenly about to pee every time they walk into the room), and they don’t like you back. Your poor, damaged brain, instead of accepting the fate that it has clearly been handed, now must go through several months of mental gymnastics wherein you torture yourself by holding out hope that your love interest is magically going to change their mind for no reason. Your crush can sense your increasingly-frenetic desperation, and now has gone from the “They’re a cool friend, but I’m just not really interested in being romantically involved” stage to the “I cannot be alone in the same room with them, they’re going to harvest a lock of my body hair…

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~ by Thought Catalog on June 30, 2013.

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