12 Ways To Avoid Catching “Summertime Sadness”

Thought Catalog

As with any illness, or episode of Two and a Half Men, prevention is key. As it stands, if nothing drastic is done, this year Summertime Sadness is liable to reach pandemic proportions. We don’t have nearly enough clinics, manpower, or pints of ice cream to combat an outbreak of that level. Once you contract Summertime Sadness, your options are limited. Currently, Summertime Sadness can only be cured by a secondary infection, such as Autumnal Anxiety. So please be safe out there and follow these critical prevention techniques.

1. Keep your attendance to a minimum at the following events: beach parties, clambakes, cookouts, BBQs and bonfires. Thousands of people every year contract Summertime Sadness and/or food poisoning from these seemingly harmless occasions.

2. Stock up on earplugs. Listening to any music produced by any singer or band can put you at risk of Summertime Sadness. This is particularly true if Pitchfork…

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~ by Thought Catalog on June 19, 2013.

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