Caddy and Cruel Women

Girls can be so viscous and downright cruel. Why this is surprising me, I’m no quite sure.  This I surely know and have experienced several times over. Yet, I continually where my open heart out for everyone (chicks mostly) that feel the need to take a stab at my already bleeding heart. Maybe they are need of my ‘good’ blood, from my ‘good’ heart. The kind of heart they know they can never possess.  Why must grown women see other women as challenges ?.  Maybe years ago I might have flirted with your boyfriend. Big deal. Who doesn’t do that at 20 something when you feel good about yourself, right ? But must I can continually be scrutinized by women now– 20 years later.    I have no one.  I did, and maybe will again. But why must you try to knock me down, when you clearly know I have an interest in this guy.    Why?  because my big mouth told you.. I’m so stupid and trusting.   I told you because I thought women to women we could talk as adults. Never saw that coming,  You, having a relationship already would not take what I share with you,  flirt and proceed to hook up with this guy. . Really ? who does that ? Some chicks need to use the strength of other women because they lack that strength in themselves.  What exactly did you accomplish by showing me and everyone around you that you have the ability to be cruel.  Does that make you feel stronger, that you had to ‘one up me’  really ?  You don’t even know me.  Were you treated bad way back when, and now you feel the need for revenge on other women? Well  join the club chicks, All girls feel insecure at time, me most of the time.  There is nothing more personal to this story, if you (my reader) are thinking that. This is just  a casual  women friend, just someone that I know casually  and now know more intimately now because I can see right thru you. Yes, I allowed myself to feel the sting of how cruel women can be. Just when I think I beyond having to ‘fight’ attention from guys from other girls, it still comes back around. I just cant comprehend why ?  Its exhausting. Just to establish an interest in another guy, after being so bruised previously and to have spoke about it, shared it with women only to have them plan an attack to boost themselves. Leaving me distrusting of even more people that I surround  myself with No, I wont  tell your current boyfriend. I should, but I probably wont just because I took those gloves off years ago.  I’m grown, mature. I really don’t need the hassle of the aftermath that I told your boyfriend that you hooked up with my hook up. Clearly, some girls (not women) still feel the need to carry the gloves around. Can I not ‘win’  by just trying to do the right thing by being mature ?  Guess I have to dust the gloves off.  This is ridiculous. Caddy, cruel women are ridiculous.


~ by generalslc on May 23, 2013.

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