What Every Woman Learns From Every Man

Thought Catalog

Having been friends with an unending number and dated my fair share, I can safely say with much confidence: there’s much to learn from the male species. While books with planets in the title attempt to convince us of our incomparable differences, there’s an unending pool of knowledge women can find in their male counterparts. No, it’s not located in their penis.

Sorry fellas.

Peeing In the Shower Isn’t Gross. Not only does it help with athlete’s foot for you active females, it also saves on groceries. Instead of hovering over a, probably freezing cold, seat and wasting toilet paper you know you can’t afford, just pee while shampooing your lovely locks. Don’t worry, your Herbal Essences “Hydralicious” will drown out the smell.

Everyone Hurts. While certain gut-wrenching situations can seem gender specific, they aren’t always. Don’t assume our male brethren cannot comprehend the depths of our painful pasts or…

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~ by Thought Catalog on April 30, 2013.

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