Here I go again.

He has this subtle power over me. I can’t explain it. I just feel better in his presence. It’s a calmness that overwhelms and oozes over me. He’s ‘big’ guy, tall and overpowering looking. It’s like I’m safe around him. Honestly. I don’t think I have felt safe like this in a long time. Even throughout many of the fights, arguments that we had have, over 3 summer’s worth. I still get over it and want to be near him again. And I think, here I go again. I am looking forward to summer, seeing him. Being beside him. Just hanging with him. Our bonnie and clyde moments in the heated sun, cruising in my truck. Struggling to find money for gas, starting and leaving trouble everywhere we would go. And we would laugh, laugh so hard at the stupist of stuff. sometimes its those moments that I want him to look at me as he is catching his breath from this funny moment and say how much he loves me. That he feels what I feel. The overwhelming feeling of wanting me and never letting me go moment. I suppose thats the stupid love/romance part of me. I wanna be swept away by this guy I’ve known for six years, yet seems as if we have spent a lifetime together. I want him to want me. He doesn’t need me, but he wont leave me.

He comes back every spring. Maybe this summer he will finally realize that we should be together. Its been years since our heated break up as girlfriend and boyfriend. As friends all these years, months can go by without talking. Or having one of our stupid friend or foe arguments. Its been three summers now. But yet we find ourselves back as friends again. Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long. Weather is getting warmer and I can’t wait to see him !


~ by generalslc on March 12, 2013.

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