♥Just any other day♥

I’m not going to pretend that this day of all days should not be special. But hey, what can you do or NOT do ? its just a day.  I like my lfe.  With love or without it, Hey, I still enjoy my sanity. Perhaps from lack of relationships that my sanity is still intact. Who knows ?  I enjoy the thrill of perhaps the whisper of a pending interaction with subtle glances and staring looks. The thought of cudding later after a few thirsty beverages. .. but I’m not chasing it.  I have had my share of great loves and lost loves. I’ve been a good person in some relationships and some not.   Today is just any day to me. Only I do think back of how I could have ever survived some of those dreadful bad relationships and V days alone.  I think back with a slight smirk.  I made through ‘those” days thus far.  I think I can made it through a few more.  Today included.  God I hope.  However I say this with the thought that my day should be fairly normal. No slight blow offs from someone I might like, no un answered text mesages. ( I wlll avoid sending any just for this thought )  and maybe, just maybe I can get some flirting in today.    ♥ Wish me luck.


~ by generalslc on February 14, 2013.

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